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Etron prajapati Bikes






Tyre Front: 90/100—10 , Rear 3.00—10

Motor 1.5 KW nominal and 2.2 KW 

Controller 60V 20 Tube Vector Looped

Battery 60V 2.5 KWh Portable

Battery Casing Metallic

Charger Output CC-CV Portable 67.2V 10A

Brake Disc (F) & Drum (R)

Display 5 Inch MF LED

Rim Cast Alloy

Security Anti-theft Smart Lock

India’s Most Economical hybrid Ebike

PURE Etron+ is envisioned to champion the cause of making a bicycle “Cool” again and “switch to EV”. With ultra low running cost as low as 5 paise/KM, this is the most economical mode of transport in the modern EV age that has dawned upon us! This ride is ideal for those who intend to make it their daily workhorse in the place of existing bicycle.

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