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IIT Hyderabad-Incubated startup launches affordable electric scooter amid coronavirus outbreak

Amid coronavirus outbreak, a personal vehicle is the only rescue if someone wants to

travel. Although the governments are working on maintaining social distancing in

public transport, it is better to have a personal vehicle until the fear of coronavirus is hovering upon us.

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad-incubated startup PURE EV has launched its

latest electric scooter model ‘ETrance+’. The company has an in-house battery

manufacturing facility and a research setup based out of IIT Hyderabad campus where

the company’s dedicated R&D team works on core areas of battery thermal management

system for development of long-range and high-performance Lithium batteries.

Highlighting the unique aspects of this model, Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer of

PuREnergy, said, “On the eve of Independence Day, we are proud to announce the launch

of this entry-level scooter giving the Indian People freedom from monthly fuel expenses.

We are constantly innovating keeping in mind the requirements of middle-class Indian


IIT Hyderabad incubated start-up launches affordable personal vehicle

Rohit Vadera added, “In this Covid-19 pandemic scenario, thrust on personal mobility has

increased significantly and people are looking for electric scooters at affordable prices.

‘ETrance+’ comes with a robust chassis design, body parts built for Indian road conditions

and advanced features like regenerative braking, eABS and a SOC indicator shows the

percentage of battery capacity remaining. We are confident that this model will meet the

requirements of the majority of customers looking to buy EVs for their daily short


Features of the vehicle launched by IIT Hyderabad incubated start-up
  • Price: INR 56,999/-

  • 1.25 KWH portable battery

  • Mileage: 65 kilometers on-road range

Highlighting the technological advancements of PURE EV manufacturing unit, Dr.

Nishanth Dongari, Founder, PURE EV, and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical

and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, said, “The launch of ETrance+ is another

important milestone for the company and demonstrates our ability on cost innovation

even while meeting all the key expectations of the customers. Such innovations are

becoming feasible even under the pandemic due to our in-house battery technology and

the R&D in improving the efficiency of the power train.”

Publish Article Source: India Today

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